Probable Reasons Why Your Wine Fridge Isn’t Cooling

A wine cooler is important to everyone who stores wine. What a wine chiller fridge does is preserve wine by not exposing it to a bad temperature so that it won’t go bad. As a wine keeper, it can be frustrating when you find out your wine fridge isn’t cooling.

When your fridge stops cooling, your wines could go bad. As someone who cares about having fresh wine, this could pose a serious problem, and you would feel restless trying to find out why it stopped cooling.

This article will discuss the probable reasons why your wine cooler has stopped working. Knowing why your fridge stopped working could help you know what to do—if the problem isn’t technical—to make it work again.

Reasons Why Your Wine Fridge Isn’t Cooling

Below are the probable reasons why your wine cooler has stopped working:

Compressor problem:

If your fridge compressor isn’t working properly, it can cause your fridge not to cool down. Whenever this happens, it could be that your compressor is short of power, which makes it not start correctly. Also, your compressor could be overheating, making it function abnormally.

Fan problem:

When your fridge fans get broken, it can affect the temperature of the fridge. Even if it’s just one fan, it can have a huge effect. To check if the fan causes the problem, you can clean it if it’s dirty. If it’s not dirty, then it’s probably a technical problem.

Capacitor problem:

When your fridge capacitor gets damaged, your compressor cannot start. The capacitor is supposed to send energy to the compressor, so once it’s faulty, your fridge won’t cool down once it’s faulty.

Thermostat problem:

The thermostat supplies power to the compressor, fan, and condenser. So when your fridge thermostat or sensor breaks, it can affect the cooling.

Also, your thermostat sensor could work abnormally by relating a wrong signal to the fan, reducing the cooling temperature to a minimum level.

Evaporator coil problem:

Normally, a fridge evaporator coil is not supposed to be iced. If it does, there’s a problem with your cooling system. The coil can develop problems when dirt covers and stops it from absorbing heat. You can remove the ice and dirt on the coil to solve this.

Room temperature:

If you’re using a thermoelectric wine cooler, the fridge can stop working with too much heat in the room. To make the fridge work properly, you can turn on your air conditioner or take the wine cooler to a room where there’s no heat.

Final Words:

It can be disappointing when your wine cooler stops working, as it can spoil your wines. Although some problems can be solved by you even if you aren’t a technician, some faints are best left for a technician to figure out, so you won’t damage your fridge more.